Teem Ventures

Finding the “Soft Spots” and Productive Iteration, What it Really Takes to Launch a New Product

Teem Ventures’ Founder and Managing Partner, Raj Amin, recently appeared on This is Product Management; a podcast produced by leading research and experimentation firm AlphaHQ and hosted by Mike Fishbein. Raj discusses lessons learned from his extensive career launching new products and ventures in multiple industries including digital TV, transportation, healthcare and online media. He talks of his time founding HealthiNation, co-creating products with Avis Budget Group and developing a new digital mental health app Personal Zen all while sharing the lessons he has learnt throughout.

Mentoring relationships can yield a lifetime of value if you put in some effort

Over my career I have been lucky to have had some amazing mentors who have invested in my development. In an effort to pay it forward, I’ve done my best to make time for mentorship with many employees and first time startup CEO’s whenever I can. This idea of paying it forward should be central to an entrepreneur’s ethos, and it usually is, which means for entrepreneurs there should be a lot of potential mentors in your community. But it takes work on both sides to set up mentor-mentee relationships for success.

As an agile trained Product Manager working with large corporations on emerging technology programs, I have certainly run into challenges.  That’s to be expected, and jumping into a new organization isn’t easy, especially when existing culture has been trained to avoid taking too much risk.  In industries like healthcare, finance and transportation that risk is justified since people can get hurt and fortunes can be lost if you screw up.