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Don’t Build a BUM: Avoid overbuilding your Minimum Viable Product to save yourself time and money

As I advised corporate executives and founders on product launches over the past few years, I have seen both groups encounter the same challenge: overbuilding their initial product. The problem exists in small companies and large corporations alike for different reasons. But in both cases, the cost is high for screwing this up, either in time to market or sunk costs building the wrong features. Or worse, building the wrong product altogether.

Why does this happen so often?

Creating Agile Mobility Solutions in Times of Crisis: A Teem Ventures Workshop at CoMotion Miami

In this moment of unprecedented change, systems that worked well for the prior reality have to be completely re-thought to apply to our current environment. Organizations in public transit have felt this need as a critical resource for urban centers to move people and goods safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Spotlight on Fetch: Focus and Grit in Hard Times

Teem Ventures had the opportunity to work with Fetch, the self-service truck startup, during its initial pilot with Budget Truck Rental. Fetch has seen dramatic growth in spite of the challenges faced by the mobility sector during the global pandemic. Fetch is thriving.

Early-stage Ventures: 4 Keys to Get the Best People on your Bus

The early stage of a venture is unique because information is generated very quickly, and must be immediately put to work to iterate and move to the next goal. I’ve seen how teams can execute well, and where things start to fall apart in this environment both in corporate ventures and startups. I strongly believe that getting the right people onto your early stage team is the most important success factor in whether your venture will be ground breaking or a big nothing burger.

Stress and Leadership: My Experience as a Startup CEO and Some Steps to Cope

I got involved with my first start-up in my mid-20s. I was hired as the first “business” hire, where most others were on the engineering side except for me and the CEO. I was hungry for the challenge to prove myself and dove headfirst into the start-up life.

Finding the “Soft Spots” and Productive Iteration, What it Really Takes to Launch a New Product

Teem Ventures’ Founder and Managing Partner, Raj Amin, recently appeared on This is Product Management; a podcast produced by leading research and experimentation firm AlphaHQ and hosted by Mike Fishbein. Raj discusses lessons learned from his extensive career launching new products and ventures in multiple industries including digital TV, transportation, healthcare and online media. He talks of his time founding HealthiNation, co-creating products with Avis Budget Group and developing a new digital mental health app Personal Zen all while sharing the lessons he has learnt throughout.

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