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Big corporations, with their mountains of resources, should be nailing every new venture or product idea, right? Yet, sometimes they fumble. I’ve seen this happen in large corporations, and many mid-size scaling companies can also lose their way. Here are a few of the “why’s” from our experience with a healthy sprinkle of real-world examples. …

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The Benefits of Hiring a Venture Studio Part 1

 Why is Everybody Talking About Venture Studios? Teem Ventures was set up to help get great companies and products created efficiently. Along the way we have seen more companies like ours in the market, and many have done incredibly well creating companies efficiently, using a variety of models. First, what is a venture studio model?

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The Benefits of Hiring a Venture Studio Part 2

Fast-Track Your Next Business with a Venture Studio Within the startup ecosystem, there are distinct approaches each venture studio takes, in addition to completely separate models, such as incubator or accelerator. While the mission of each model is the same —  to help all startups succeed — the core differences are defined by each one’s

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Creating Agile Mobility Solutions in Times of Crisis: A Teem Ventures Workshop at CoMotion Miami https://teemventures.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Rec-1-Jul-2020-15_29-Workshop_-Creating-Agile-Mobility-Solutions-in-Times-of-Crisis-Hosted-by-Teem-Ventures_6.mp4 In this moment of unprecedented change, systems that worked well for the prior reality have to be completely re-thought to apply to our current environment. Organizations in public transit have felt this need as a critical resource for urban
Don’t Build a BUM: Avoid overbuilding your Minimum Viable Product to save yourself time and money As I advised corporate executives and founders on product launches over the past few years, I have seen both groups encounter the same challenge: overbuilding their initial product. The problem exists in small companies and large corporations alike for
Finding the “Soft Spots” and Productive Iteration, What it Really Takes to Launch a New Product Teem Ventures’ Founder and Managing Partner, Raj Amin, recently appeared on This is Product Management; a podcast produced by leading research and experimentation firm AlphaHQ and hosted by Mike Fishbein. Raj discusses lessons learned from his extensive career launching
Product innovation means knowing when agile may get in the way of progress As an agile trained Product Manager working with large corporations on emerging technology programs, I have certainly run into challenges.  That’s to be expected, and jumping into a new organization isn’t easy, especially when existing culture has been trained to avoid taking

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